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29th-Feb-2008 02:48 pm - New community!
Hello everyone, hope this is okay.... I am here to advertise a new community you may be interested in!


If you've lived in shared accommodation before, I don't doubt you know exactly what this community is about already.

Dishes left in the sink for weeks on end. Things growing in shower plugholes. Rent, phone bills, power bills unpaid. Dirty underwear left on top of the TV. Ridiculously loud sex noises coming from the next room when you're having an over-the-phone job interview. All these things and more are the perils of living in a sharehouse, flat, dorm... you may have moved in with a friend and thought you'd get along great, only to discover they like to clip their toenails on the kitchen table. You may have moved in with complete strangers in the vain hope you'd have something in common, only to discover they have a penchant for growing poisonous exotic plants in the bathtub. You may have moved out of your parents' house with your brother or sister, only to discover that once out of the nest they spend all their rent money on booze and leave you in the lurch. We understand. We're here for you. WE HATE HORROR HOUSEMATES!!!

Whatever your dilemma, post about it here! You'll be sure to find sympathy from like-minded people who enjoy such things as personal hygiene and not being in debt!
1st-Oct-2006 12:55 pm - Pictures of my office space
Nova 2
Been working on getting this room sorted the last couple of days. Don't have any before pictures but here are some after ones.

They are here...Collapse )

Will be glad when I get the rest of the room sorted, and the rest of my pictures up on the walls.
29th-Aug-2006 12:30 pm - The Room OF Doom - Update
Nova 2
So the rest of the house is about as sparkly as it's ever going to be I think.

I spent a couple of hours today in TROD today. Managed to empty all the boxes of books and even had the husband in there picking out books that he doesn't want any more. Funny how four boxes of books and we still end up with a box of books that now need a new home.

Anyway, here are before and after pics of what I accomplished today.

Room Of Doom PicsCollapse )

Tomorrow it's sorting out all the CD's putting them away in alpha order so I at least know what we've got!

Geesh that room is going to be the death of me yet.
27th-Aug-2006 11:13 pm - I am a cleaning fool!
Nova 2
I spent another 3 hours or so cleaning today.

Have almost finished cleaning the bed room. Just need to clean my corner and sort the pile of books out.

Windows are washed

Room is almost dusted.

Most things are put a way.

Things that I still need to do before I start to tackle The Room Of Doom again:

Finish the main bed room

Sort out the spare room (AGAIN ARGH!!!)

Still wash the windows above the front door and the porch door

Vac the stairs up to The Room Of Doom

You see a pattern here? Slowly working my way up stairs to The Room Of Doom.

But I'm not allowing my self to spend all day in there because I want some down time as well this week. Also my joints don't seem to like me much after 3 hours of working so that's about as much work as it looks like I can do in one day.

Must add to that list, washing the sky light inside and out, which means dragging the ladder all the way up 3 flights of stairs....


Oh yeah was going to take pics but forgot until I was almost done so I desided against it since you'd not see the before and after shot. As far as cleaning the bedroom.
26th-Aug-2006 08:51 am - Saturday Cleaning List
Nova 2
So I've got a week off and I'm going to try and tackle as much of this house as I possibly can.

Here's my To Do list for today:

1. Put Laundry on

2. Vac downstairs and hallway

3. Vac stairs

4. Wash windows over the front door and porch door (this means getting the ladder out) - I ran out of oomph.

5. Clean bathroom

6. Vac upstairs hallway

7. Clean back bedroom and sort through all the junk created by getting rid of spare beds (the beds had storage space under them as so now there are new boxes filled with the stuff that was under said beds) - Got done sorta, I mean I vac'd in there but not much else I can really do at this point. Need to sort out the boxes and stuff in there and didn't have time to do this today.

8. Do a quick clean of the computer room since the MIL (mother in law) is coming this afternoon and she wants to check her email. - Husband desided that it didn't need doing to day so I've put this back on the list for later in the week.

9. Do dishes - Will do after lunch

10. Iron and hang up clothes to dry - Second load on now.

11. Die from pure exhaustion after all that. - Am sitting here now and I'm not doing anything the rest of the day.

I will get this house clean by the end of next week. I also need to sort out the front and back gardens before the weather gets to bad and I can't do it. Someone tell me, what's a vacation again?
7th-Aug-2006 10:16 am - To Do Lists and Room Of Doom Update
Nova 2
Does anyone else write detailed to do lists when it comes to cleaning? Down to what junk needs to be put away where? It seems to be the only way I can get myself really organized. I have a bright yellow pad of paper that is only for what household things need doing, down to when I need to start writing a shopping list. I'm trying to get my self into some kind of schedule of when what gets done and a list seems to be the only way I can do it and keep up with it all.

Room Of Doom Update

I haven't done any work up there in weeks now. It's been far to hot to actually do much work at all. But I've got a week off coming up soon and I'm going to attack it with a vengeance. Saying that though there as been a slight set back to getting the room livable again, one that I'm not to sure how to sort out. What with all the hot weather and the high humidity, the wall paper in that room has started to fall off!!!! I've had the window open in there for a couple of months now, but I've had to tie it so it doesn't blow wide open because the stupid flying sky rats get in there!! YUCK!

The wall paper in this room has been threatening to fall off now for years and trying to get the husband to re-decorate has been close to impossible. Until now it's just been annoying but now it's more a case of, do I start moving things and start pulling it off or do I get the room sorted, get all the junk out of there and then think about making another mess at some other time. The husband is all for getting it sorted and then shifting things around to get the wall paper off.

I don't want to pull the one piece of wall paper off that is falling off at the moment, in case that starts the rest of it falling off, the rest is just clearly ready to pull off if I just try.

Arrrrgh! This room clearly is The Room Of Doom!
23rd-Jul-2006 05:09 pm - A Big Thank You
Nova 2

Thank you charlibrown for the wonderful picture for the community!
23rd-Jul-2006 04:46 pm - Promotion of community
Nova 2
Thanks to charlibrown who runs kitchendivas we are now linked in with them.

So since this is now the domestic goddess club members of cleaningbuddies are invited to join the ever wonderful kitchendivas!
23rd-Jul-2006 01:50 pm - The Room Of Doom
Nova 2
This has been my major project for a while now. It's been the room that we put things when we don't know what else to do with them. And since this is the first post of the community I thought I'd share some pics to show just how The Room Of Doom Project is progressing so far.

The Room Of DoomCollapse )

Now that I have everything boxed up the plan is to go through the boxes of books and choose the books that are going to be kept and the rest will go to a charity shop. Then put all the books away on the shelves. There is one large box there of computer stuff that I'm going to have to have some help going through so I know what we need to keep and what needs to be gotten rid of. Then it's tackle the CD's and videos.

Hopefully by that point I'll have one clean room!
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